Dugi Otok Trail 2020


in agreement with the local community of Dugi Otok, a new race date was defined on OCTOBER 10th, 2020.

October was chosen for practical reasons since it is not possible to find accommodation on Dugi Otok through June, July, August and September, and the temperatures are not suitable for running.

All already registered competitors who have paid the entry fee, do not need to re-register because the registration and payment are valid. Those who have only registered and have not paid the entry fee, also do not need to re-register, but only pay the entry fee according to the instructions on the page REGISTRATION AND ENTRY FEE.

You can check the status of your registration and payment on stotinka.hr.

A refund of the entry fee for those who cannot attend the new date is not possible, but the competition package can be picked up on the day of the race or someone can do it for you.

We will have to hold the race in the conditions recommended by the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH) and the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia (we will receive instructions a month or two before the race) so you can expect changes in the race schedule, registrations, refreshment stations, serving meal after the race and other items that the CIPH considers need to be adjusted.

We are truly happy that race will be held

Sport greetings and see you at Sali!