Red 40km

RED category competitors should arrive in Sali on Friday, 27.05.2022. or on Saturday morning on 28.05.2022. with a regular catamaran line that starts from Zadar peninsula at 5.45 AM (arrives at 6.30 AM). The start for this category is at 8:00 AM, Sali port.

Long Island now is rich with more trails to run. Aside from having the chance to get to know the parts of the island you have not been so far, prepare for a very exciting trail that will have lighter but challenging and demanding trail sections.
Positions that “must be seen” are not left out and you can read more about them in the description of Cliff Blue category.

Utrka: RED 40KM/1130m+
Date: Saturday, 28.05.2022.
Start & finish: Sali (in Marina)

Trail length: 40 km
Total ascent: 1130 m+
Max. Altitude: 197 m/asl
Terrain: asphalt (12,8km), macadam, karst
Time limit: 7h (08.00 – 15.00h)
Total Control /Refreshment points: 4/5

CPR1 Žman: water, iso drink, fruit, snack
CPR2 Arnjevo polje: water, iso drink, fruit, snack
CPR3 Grpašćak fort: water, iso drink, fruit, snack
CPR4 Mir bay: water, coffee, snack
RP5 Artak bay: water, iso drink
FINISH Sali: lunch

The medal will be awarded to each competitor. Winners in both men and women category will be handed original medals for winners and Original Island crafted gifts and products.
Award ceremony expected from 14.30 – 15.30 h.

*For more info about the equipment please read the Rules and Regulations of the Competition

Competitor number
Mobile phone
First aid kit (full)
Clothing and footwear suitable for terrain and weather conditions
0,5 L water

*Notice:  Checking of required equipment will be carried out before the start. Those competitors who won’t possess required equipment will not be able to participate in the competition. We reserve the right to check the equipment during the competition.

Friday, 27.05.2022.

Location: Sali, center (in Marina)
18.00h – 22.00h: Confirmation of registration, handing out competitor’s numbers and packages.

*All competitors can deposit their belongings in wardrobe on Saturday from 07.00 – 07.50AM.

Saturday, 28.05.2022.

Location: Sali, center (in Marina)
07.00h – 7.50h: Confirmation of registration, taking on competitor’s number and race packages
07.15h – 07.50h: Required equipment check up
07.50h – 08.00h: Race introduction
08.00h:  START for RED category
10.00h: Start for Cliff Blue category
10.30h: Start for Bay Green category
12.00h: expecting first finishers (Sali)

12.00h – 16.00h: Lunch
14.30h – 15.30h: Award ceremony

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